Oscar Mayer Stories

The Wisconsin Historical Society is collaborating with retirees from Oscar Mayer to collect, preserve, and share the vital living history of Oscar Mayer. The stories we collect together will be entered into the Wisconsin Historical Society state archive to secure the legacy of Oscar Mayer in Wisconsin. The stories may be celebrated in future public exhibitions.

We need your help. If you worked at Oscar Mayer, were a relative of someone who worked here, or were otherwise impacted by the company, we need your voice. Please consider sharing a few memories with us. Together, your stories will honor the historic role Oscar Mayer played in your community.


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“To me Oscar Mayer is like family. I worked there for 33 years and it’s where I met my best friends; it's where I was able to take risks in my career and grow. It was more than just a company or a place to work; it was a community truly unlike any other. After the plant closed, I met with a few other retirees. We knew we had to do something to collect the memories and stories of the people who were proud to be employed by Oscar Mayer. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Wisconsin Historical Society to collect and share our stories. These stories are important, and if they go uncaptured now, they’re at risk of being lost forever.”

Mary Boeding, Oscar Mayer employee, Marketing and Sales Department


“At The Historical Society we are focused on collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of Wisconsin, and the legacy of Oscar Mayer is a big part of our Wisconsin history. We recognized right away that in addition to artifacts, we also needed to collect the human history through stories. The Wisconsin Historical Society is the perfect place to save and share the rich oral history of Oscar Mayer.”

David Wilder, Executive Director, The Wisconsin Historical Society Foundation